At Manege De Hoef we accommodate  about 88 horses and ponies, of which about 20 of them are riding school horses. The safety and welfare of our animals is always our priority. The horses are during daytime outside for at least 3 hours. The horses we use for the riding school work 6 days a week (ranging from 1 hour to 4 hours per day, depending on the day, the type of horse and its age) and have at least 1 day off every week.

On a meadow in the neighborhood our retired horses are grazing. They have worked for years in the equestrian center and have deserved peace and freedom.

Our smallest horse is 90 cm and the largest is 1.80 meters. Our horses are selected on their friendly and trustworthy characters. Because of the well-being of our horses, we do not accept riders weighing more than 100 kilograms.

Our horses work hard and therefore deserve the best care. We also expect this from our riders and instructors. Do you have questions or comments? Do not hesitate to contact us or speak to an employee.